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By her sides, in her hands or onto her shoulders, she carries with her a little piece of her own persona. She is the woman of the new age and she holds on tight to her many bags wherever she goes. Whether it’s for a regular visit to the workplace or a casual outing to some place on the outskirts of the city, a lady and her bag are two inseparable entities and this not a scenario of only the modern times, from decades and centuries women have had a whole assortments of bags they could need on various days of their various shades of lives.

At ‘Love for pretty things’ we offer an online bag shopping experience with thousands of variety of bags to choose from. Comfy shoulder bags to carry along to your FMCG shopping for the month, classic office bags to take to your office daily or cool saddle bags to go out with to your favourite hangouts with your buddies. Commute easy on the buses and metros you have to take to work or college with the easy, wearable cross body bags or go shopping with free hands keeping our sling bags along.

In addition to these classic types of bags, you will also find an all in one solution to all your messy and miscellaneous items carriage while on a trip with our travel kits. Given away your same old same old laptop pouches try our cool and crazy laptop sleeves. Apart from these broad selections, you also get to pick others of your favourites like stylish leather bag packs, trendy baguette bags, hip bucket bags, fancy duffel bags, modish envelope bags, fashionable minaudieres, fun tote or hobo bags and likewise endless kinds of these ‘besties’. 

Available in all sorts of vivacious on colours like neon tones, very ‘in’ dusky shades and fantabulous textures, if you think you can  part with them for one moment, you could never be more wrong. From shimmery and glittery fabrics to elegant and definitive patterns, from ranges for up to a thousand to niche pieces for than 10,000, we bring these exclusively crafted designer bags and sacks, creatively created by designer brands like ‘Barouque’, ‘Desi Drama Queen’, ‘Poppuri’, ‘Pret-a-Porter Accessories’, ‘Tamarind’, ‘The Purple Sack’, etc. 

So forget not to log on to our one-stop shop and buy your favourite bags online with us… we know you won’t.

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