The Tale of Two Stones Pink Quartz Turquoise Gold Ring
22kt gold-plated ring with pink quartz and turquoise. Adjustable   Care Instructions &..
Ex Tax: ₹4,100.00
Pink Agate ring
22kt gold-plated ring with pink agate Adjustable- can easily adjust from a Small size to a Larg..
Ex Tax: ₹3,800.00
Whispering art ring
A stunning 18k gold plated ring with uncut stone and pearl detailing. Adjustable Care Instruction..
Ex Tax: ₹3,400.00
Echoing art citrine earrings
DESCRIPTION   The pearl kissed one stone drop earrings a feminine makeover ..
Ex Tax: ₹3,500.00
Vinyl days ring
A gorgeous 18k gold plated vintage ring. Adjustable Care Instructions: Avoid direct contact..
Ex Tax: ₹2,500.00
Echoing art baroque pearl earrings
The pearl kissed one stone drop earrings get a feminine makeover with tiny bits of pearls that add l..
Ex Tax: ₹3,500.00
Twofold treat ring
A gorgeous 22kt Gold Plated Ring With Uncut Turquoise And Amethyst With Pearls. Adjustable Care I..
Ex Tax: ₹3,500.00
Trigger me gold maang tika
22kt gold plated maang tikka with  pearl beads Size one One size mostly fits all. Made..
Ex Tax: ₹3,900.00

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